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Dodge Dakota R/T Information

This section contains things about the Dodge Dakota R/T Truck that just did not fit anywhere else. Things like 4×4 Dodge Dakota R/T’s, Dakota R/T Police and more.

Early Dodge Dakota R/T Photo:

Early Dodge Dakota R/T

Above: An early DaimlerChrysler photo of a Dodge Dakota R/T. Note some of the things missing including no fender flare’s, No 17 inch wheels & tires, No R/T badging on tailgate and regular suspension.

Dodge Dakota R/T 4×4:

Dodge Dakota R/T 4x4

Above: Yes it is a Dodge Dakota R/T, this DaimlerChrysler photo was released to the public in late 1997. The Dakota R/T 4×4 was only powered by a 318. It did not go into production in the U.S.. Wonder what happen to this one? It just may be the rarest of all Dakota R/T’s.

Dodge Dakota R/T Police:

Dodge Dakota R/T Police Truck

Above: How would you like to have this thing after you? This Dodge Dakota R/T was used by the City of Santa Monica, California.

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